Disney can make you, that’s for sure. But other times, it can destroy you as well. These 11 actors, who were previously featured in something Disney-related, fell down the rabbit hole at least at one point in their lives, causing a lot of media attention, and more than “that is a shame” moment for us.
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Miley Cyrus

You saw it coming. Miley Cyrus was bound to appear on this list, as the once-cute-now-loon singer and actress, whose transformation from the pop sensation Hannah Montana to the more controversial, libertine personality she now has, has definitely taken the world by surprise. What really happened to her? Her performances are really shocking and scandalous, kids don’t need to see them. In 2008 her phone was hacked and the whole world saw her private photos. We won’t forget a drug scandal on her 18th Birthday. After VMA Performance in 2013 fans can forget Miley was a Disney star.