Today a lot of people pay attention and follow to just standard of beauty – white-teeth smile, smooth hair, gleaming skin and obviously a thin waist and slim legs. Shouldn’t something be said about female curves and absolutely natural beauty? If you are still among the people who are in an ‘vicious circle’ of stereotypes check out these celebs who decline to change their shapes or some other elements which some people by the way call ‘flaws’.


Christina Hendricks

This ‘Mad Man’ star lived up to the sex symbol status after demonstrating her curvaceous body wrapped with a luxurious dress. This redhead diva is an immortal vision of female magnificence and a rarity in current Hollywood that is overpopulated with stick-thin performing artists. Christina says: ‘I would take my clothes off before the mirror and be like, “Goodness, I look like a real lady.” And I felt excellent, and I never tried to lose it, ’cause I loved it.’